• Apprenticeships Gives You Best Opportunities in 3 Ways

    Margarita - Tue 06 September 2016 -

    Are you working on an advertising and marketing company where tasks are specified to all the employees? And feeling less productive and stagnant because of the limitations of the job? The feeling of getting out from there and exploring yourself to become more productive and competitive is just normal. And that is considered to be healthy as individuals should have such thinking to cope up with the dynamic development of technology. There are two choices for you to break free with the status quo, one is to leave the job and find another one, and second is continue with the job and have yourself on an apprenticeship on your vacant time or during the weekend and then quit when you finally have that skill and connection you are looking for. The best option could be the second one as you will still have a source of income while improving your skill on a part time commitment. To make you consider this idea, here are 3 best opportunities you have if you submit yourself in an apprenticeship.

    Make you competent and skillful. Definitely the top one advantage you get out of being an apprentice. Along with working on a digital marketing company, you can expect that your knowledge and skills will be broadened and improved with the challenging tasks thrown at your monitor. Apprenticeships in digital marketing will give you solid grounds of experience with complex tasks that will tests your skills and research methods and convert it to an output. You can expect that you will develop your skills maturely and upgrade your qualification into a more competitive one.

    Introduce you to clients. The advantage you get from being an apprentice is that it will introduce you to potential clients you can reach on after you perfect the skill, either have the connection for freelance work or have them as clients for your own company. Taking apprenticeships in social media for example will expose you to wide market as most people now recognize the use of social media on their business. And getting to know the hacks of social media marketing will open your window to see the lacking things and deficiencies in the industry. Hence, knowing these will give you idea how to do it better if you have your own company working on a similar market. 

    Acknowledge your competency. Being an apprentice will not only develop your skills and have better connection, but also will uplift your self esteem as you come to be competitive and be acknowledged by superiors. You will also build that good relationship with the company and the people working there will have you recommend on the company or to other company they have connection after you finish the program. With this, you can rest assure you will get opportunities right after you receive your certificate of completion. 

    Having yourself submitted to apprenticeship will give you best opportunities that modern ways can offer. These opportunities are also described as advantages as you come to be competitive with your skills and opens the door to having better connections. These connections can be your prospect clients if you will have your own business and also potential investors. The working environment you have, in the apprenticeship, will uplift your self esteem as you come to accomplish difficult tasks that proves your competency. Hence, you will get the real meaning out of receiving the completion certificate of the apprenticeship. 


  • 8 Important Pages Your Website Must Have

    Margarita - Thu 10 March 2016 -

    Filling in contents in your website may take time, knowing you will have to think on every single detail what you are going to put in. To guide you with that, here are the  important pages that need to be present in your website.

    Homepage – your homepage is considered as one of the most important pages above all, as this is where the convincing part happens. You want to make sure that as soon as the prospect lands on your page they will be hooked all the way through. So how do you do that? There are 3 objectives you need to put in your landing page. 1. Benefits that will surely excite them. 2. Navigation around your site should be available and 3. Credibility should be established.

    About Us – The about us page is one of the most viewed in your website. Customers want to know about you and a bit of your background to know how everything started. The experience you have gone through to success will be great for this. You can also include pictures from past to present so they can see the transformation over years. The About us page is more about gaining trust from your customers, so be interesting in this page.

    Product Description- description of the product is very important to customers. Customers search for clear and sensible answers to their problems, and if you have limited information about your product, then you will lose the opportunity. The more facts you put in, the higher chance of converting them into a buying customer.

    Testimonial – Customer testimonials are very good proof of telling how good your product is. No matter how good you speak about your product, the customer's experience is triple the effectiveness than what you say. People are more convinced with what your customers are experiencing as they are the ones who can tell genuinely.

    FAQs – this page helps your buyer educate themselves more about your products. The FAQ’s usually gives the customer brief answers to some frequently asked questions.

    Opt in Offer- Unfortunately, not all first time visitors will decide to buy immediately. They have to think about the services you are offering, and some will take a look of another site to compare. So in order to keep them in touch, have an offer that they can opt into that will be very useful and relevant to their problem.

    Contact Us – Have a contact us form and other contact information where they can call you or email you for inquiries.

    Call to Action- Basically you just don’t want your customers reading your website, but you want them to do something after they are convinced with your services. Sometimes for most website owners this page serves as an order page. So learn to maximize your website with effective content or information so the purpose is served.

    The last thing you want to do about your websites is to have it visible and searchable online. Get this necessary ingredient for your website by having SEO, and to help you with that, search